Sunday, December 25, 2016

Best Way To Defang Hillary

The best way to defang Hillary Clinton is to audit how she spends the money people donate to her:

Clinton’s fallout is interestingly causing an internal revolution among Hillary’s big donors. At her New York bash to “thank” her big donors of $1 million or more, she took no blame and pointed the finger at Comey and Putin. Her spin did not work and she has lost a lot of credibility according to confidential sources. They were smart enough to realize that even if Russia “hacked” the DNC and Podesta emails, there would be no release if there had been no wrongdoing to begin with.

Now Clinton’s biggest backers want a “campaign autopsy,” which could expose Clinton’s entire operation. The donors are demanding to know where Clinton spent the near $1.5 billion in campaign resources she collected in the closing months. They want the receipts. They are demanding an honest investigation of how Clinton failed to read the mood in swing states and how her Brooklyn operation misread polling data.

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I'd be willing to bet she cheated her donors just like she scammed the rest of us. Should that be proven, her source of cash will dry up and that will be the end of her.

Good riddance.

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