Sunday, December 18, 2016

Who Is REALLY Fighting In Syria ???

Nearly every "news" report about Syria calls the conflict a "civil war". It is in fact an illegal war financed by outsiders, mainly the US:

The West complains with great pathos of Aleppo's case. What the EU and the Federal Government do not say: In Aleppo and Syria, mainly mercenary troops are fighting, which are financed by the West and its allies. Without them, there would be no war in Syria.

You can read the list @ [translation required]

If you want the carnage to stop, you'll have to put pressure on the US government.

And tell the Israelis to start fighting their own wars, with their own money.

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  1. Here is the report of the US Peace council, which amounts to the same thing - the US has invaded Syria using mercenary armies:

    This is no "civil war". It's the destruction of a sovereign nation by a monster - the USA.