Saturday, December 24, 2016

Public Works, Private Profits

Instead of the "shovel ready jobs" promised by Obama ad-Dajjal, we got this:

Nicole Adamczyk’s drinking water used to slosh through a snarl of pipes dating from the Coolidge administration — a rusty, rickety symbol of the nation’s failing infrastructure.

So, in 2012, this blue-collar port city cut a deal with a Wall Street investment firm to manage its municipal waterworks.

Four years later, many of those crusty brown pipes have been replaced by shiny cobalt-blue ones, reflecting a broader infrastructure overhaul in Bayonne. But Ms. Adamczyk’s water and sewer bill has jumped so much that she is thinking about moving out of town.

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My water company tried something like this, but fortunately the town was able to stop them.

Don't privatize public assets; if you do this is what you'll get - SCREWED.

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