Thursday, December 8, 2016

Was The F-35 Intended For Israel All Along ???

According to this report, Israel is starting to get F-35 stealth fighters from the US:

Just how does this "increase Israel's deterrence"? Most of their obvious enemies don't even have an air force.

According to THIS report, the F-35 program has produced nothing but lemons. Take a look at all its alleged problems:

Why is it the US cannot fix this thing, but Israelis are eager to get them? Are they (the Israelis) all that much better at aircraft design/construction/repair than us, or have they somehow been sabotaging the program to induce the US to sell them state-of-the-art warplanes at bargain basement prices? I would not be surprised.

Never forget - these people are NOT our friends. Some day the mask will drop, and we will sorely regret arming them with better weapons than we have.

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