Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Middle East Peace Process Is No More

Trump's ambassador to Israel will drive the final nails into the coffin of the Middle East "peace process". That is the implication of this essay by Uri Avnery:

So who does Friedman really identify with? A representative sample of his utterances make this quite clear: he considers himself to belong to about 5% of the Israeli population: the settlers and the extreme Right.

Here are some of his outstanding opinions:

  • The Arab citizens of Israel, some 21% percent of the population, should be stripped of their citizenship. Rather like stripping all African-Americans of their US citizenship.
  • There is no "Two-State Solution". Even mentioning such a possibility verges on treason. (Since I have been accused of having been the first to voice this solution in 1949, this is more spit I have to wipe from my face.)
  • No settler must be allowed to be removed from his "home", even if this "home" is located on the private property of Arab farmers.
  • In Greater Israel, from the sea to the river, Jews constitute a majority of 65%. This is a blatant lie: In this territory, including the Gaza Strip, the Arabs already constitute a majority.
  • Future President Trump should be encouraged to dismiss all State Department personnel who advocate the Two-State Solution.
  • Palestinians are corrupt.
  • President Barak Obama is a "blatant antisemite".
  • Bashar al-Assad and Binyamin Netanyahu should be friends. Probably including Vladimir Putin – a winsome trio, Indeed.
  • We need a World War against Islamic anti-Semitism.
  • American and Israeli Jews who support the Israeli peace camp are worse than Kapos. (Kapo, short for Kamp-Polizei, or "camp police", were camp inmates enlisted by the Nazis to uphold order in the death-camps, until they themselves were put to death.) This applies specifically to the mild and inoffensive "J Street" organization.

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In fact, his appointment by Trump suggests that the "Palestinian problem" is about to be ended using the most violent means imaginable, funded by the US taxpayer.

Think about that this Christmas, and ask yourself if this is something Jesus would have done.

As far as I am concerned, the answer to that question is a resounding NO.

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