Monday, December 26, 2016

Hard Times Coming To Davos ???

It is famed for luxury hotels, pristine ski slopes and fabulously wealthy clientele.

But unfortunate staff at the World Economic Forum could see a different side to Davos at its conference for the super-rich.

The annual junket has become so popular for the world’s elite that the Swiss ski resort is running out of accommodation.

The 2017 event sold out within days, and for 2018 it is thought there just won’t be enough hotel rooms to go round.

As a result the organisers are taking desperate measures by putting people up in shipping containers in car parks.

The Davos conference, which is held every January, attracts top-flight politicians, chief executives and billionaires to discuss the state of the world economy.

But as the meetings have grown in popularity, an ever-expanding guest list has forced even the best- connected attendees to fight for somewhere to stay.

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This is consistent with how the Davos elite are treating the rest of the world - splendor for them, squalor for We The People.

Everyone who has ever gone to Davos (with the exception of the staff) SUCKS. Why do we tolerate these vile swine?

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