Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Slaughter In The Philippines

The New York Times has published a photo essay about the brutal war on drugs currently underway in the Philippines. You can find it here:

While this carnage is horrible by any standard, we should compare it to the US-encouraged slaughter of "communists" and others which took place in Indonesia over the past 50 years. You can read about it here:

Why is it that the great slaughters which happen in the world are well-known to the US, but occur in spite of our knowledge and "concern"? Some even appear to be encouraged by our government.

And knowing this, what would the NYT have us think about these latest killings? Do they really give a damn about the people who are being slaughtered "like animals", or in their role as propagandists for Obama ad-Dajjal are they merely trying to punish President Duterte because he told the US to get the hell out of his country?

By the way, what is the source of the drugs which Duterte is trying to stamp out? Could it be the US colony of Afghanistan, the largest producer of opium in the world? What is our culpability there? Quite serious, I suspect.

Also in comparison, Duterte's rate of slaughter may be "57 homicide victims over 35 days", but the recent kill rate in Chicago, IL is roughly the same - over 600 in 10 months this year. And how many of those murders are due to US-tolerated and/or sponsored drug trafficking?

I think we need to clean up our own house before we obsess any more over what is happening in the Philippines. What do you think?

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