Thursday, December 29, 2016

Why Israel Will NEVER Be A Democracy

Simply put, they would be outvoted if they were. Here is why:

Despite the decrease in the fertility rate and household size, the [PA Central Bureau of Statistics] projected that there will be more Arabs between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea than Jews.

There are currently 6.41 million Arab-Israelis and Palestinians and 6.45 million Jews in Israel, and there will be 7.12 million Arab-Israelis and Palestinians and 6.96 million Jews in 2020, according to the bureau.

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This might explain two phenomena:

1. Why Israel is encouraging more Jews to emigrate to the Holy Land; and

2. Why Israel keeps putting the screws to the Palestinians.

So, let's give Israel the benefit of the doubt (should you still doubt): their policy toward the Palestinians is not "genocide"; it's merely a scheme to deprive them of their democratic rights.

Jeez, that's no reason to BDS them, is it?

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