Thursday, December 15, 2016

You Can Thank President Obama

Here is a Christmas wish from Rob Kall:

I just got more junk mail from the DCCC, encouraging me to thank President Obama.

So I will.

Thanks president Obama, for making sure that Hillary became the Democratic candidate doomed to defeat. IN OTHER WORDS, THANKS FOR GIVING US PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Thanks for allowing Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to sabotage the Democratic primary process. Thanks for, through your silence, supporting the mass support of Hillary, the most despised candidate in modern Democratic Party history, by the super delegates.

In other words, thanks, President Obama for playing a huge, major role in insuring the election of Donald Trump.

Thanks President Obama, for your betrayal of American workers through your never failing support for the TPP TransPacific Partnership and other job and industry decimating trade deals.

Thanks, President Obama for declaring the worst war on Whistleblowers in the 240 year history of this nation, while lying about having the intention to make government more open and transparent.

Thanks President Obama for Keeping the nation at war longer than any president in history.

Thanks President Obama for allowing the spy/intelligence agencies to violate the constitution on a massive scale, violating the privacy rights of every American.

Thanks President Obama for f*cking up your one opportunity to pass hundreds of laws, when you had a historic filibuster-proof senate, the house as well as the White House. You should have had a plan, with hundreds of bills ready to go.

Thanks President Obama for failing to nail down the fifth seat on the Supreme court, when you had every right to make the appointment.

Thanks President Obama for taking Single Payer Health Care off the table and giving the insurance industry Obamacare, which led to their stocks rocketing.

Thanks President Obama for never prosecuting any of the executives at the Too Big To Fail finance companies, banks and hedge funds, and for doing just like Donald Trump, appointing many of them to top agency and leadership positions in your administration.

For any of you who want to defend poor President Obama, because the mean, bad Republicans tried to make things hard for him, please try to sell your delusion somewhere else. Obama made choices. He did all of these things with intention. Don't make excuses for him. Thank him for the thousand ways he stabbed you and the middle class in the back while cozying up with corporate lobbyists and insiders.

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Good riddance to O. And G-d help us.

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