Thursday, December 29, 2016

Who Is The Dictator - Trump Or Soros ???

George Soros claims that Donald Trump is a "would-be dictator". You can read about it here:

What is a dictator?

a :  a person granted absolute emergency power; especially :  one appointed by the senate of ancient Rome
b :  one holding complete autocratic control
c :  one ruling absolutely and often oppressively

Source -

As US president, Trump will NOT have absolute emergency power or complete autocratic control. It is likely the House and Senate will fight him at every turn.

It's worth pointing out that Trump was elected, while Soros was not. It is Soros, not Trump, who operates in a manner similar to a "dictator".

Dear George - Leave us alone. We don't want you, your "new world order", or your interference in our nation's affairs.

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