Monday, December 5, 2016

More Space Tourism Baloney

Here is a story which makes some VERY optimistic claims about space tourism:

"The cost of going to space is going to be fundamentally no different from going from LA to Sydney," he said. "Imagine the day that you'll be able to go to the moon for a weekend for fun."

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And here is another story giving the predicted price for a trip to the moon:

... a holiday with Moon Express is going to be costly.

Jain reckons ticket price will be $10,000 (£7,925) and he says the flight won't be any more strenuous than taking a flight from San Francisco to Sydney.

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Dear Loony Space Men - It currently costs $10,000 PER POUND to get a payload into earth orbit. You're going to have to achieve a MAJOR breakthrough to get a human to the moon and back for so little money.

My advice - don't buy a ticket from these people, at least not yet.

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