Saturday, December 3, 2016

Our Creeping Corporate Military Coup

The New York Times apparently is endorsing the choice of Mad Dog Mattis to be our next Secretary of Offense. You can read about it here:

They can't have Hillary as President, so they're going after the next best thing.

The choice of Mattis is symptomatic of the creeping corporate military coup in the US.

Bankgangsters and corporate CEOs more or less dictate what "our" Congress does. Retired military officers sit in board rooms and run government agencies which used to (and still should be) run by civilians. Many of them frequently appear on CNN, etc. to tell us what to think about the human beings they are starving and killing all over the world.

Is this a good thing? Ask the Romans - they tried something similar, and their empire came to ruin. We may be next.


Here is another puff piece about Mattis:

I have two observations:

  • If a general known as "mad dog" will be a mitigating influence on Trump, what does that say about The Donald?
  • Compare the "Travelling with James Mattis" piece to "The Runaway General" about Stanley McChrystal. You think maybe the Mattis story was influenced by the fact that Michael Hastings was killed in a suspicious, fiery car crash?

Nah. I bet that "we'll hunt you down and kill you if we don't like what you write" comment had nothing to do with it.

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