Saturday, December 3, 2016

How Some Boomers View Trump

Trump is simply and blatantly packing his administration with the very people who are most outspoken in favor of dismantling everything that is good about this country at the moment: climate controls; a flawed but remarkably successful health care system; worker benefits; the list goes on.

I suppose there is a season for everything, but meanwhile the polar ice caps are melting, the nation’s seniors are in danger of losing Medicare and Social Security, the middle class is about to be slammed with taxes again, education looks like going the way of Michigan.

I guess the man’s consistent. At age 70, I am terrified.

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Is it too late to elect Bernie?

By the way, I am not celebrating the death of another human being either. To put Castro's "crimes" in perspective, Bill and Hillary Clinton are responsible for AT LEAST as much death and suffering as was the Cuban leader. Will you celebrate their deaths, too?

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