Friday, December 2, 2016

No Global Warming ???

I'm not sure I buy this, but it is an interesting turn of events:

Antarctic sea ice has not changed for more than 100 years. This further demonstrates that the global warming created by man is just a fraud to get more taxes. Scientists have looked over the logbooks of polar explorers Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton from their expeditions during 1901-1904 and 1907-1909. The theory that sea ice has declined post-1950 because of man cannot be supported. The Telegraph has reported that “new analysis suggests that conditions are now virtually identical to when the Terra Nova and Endurance sailed to the continent in the early 1900s, indicating that declines are part of a natural cycle and not the result of global warming.”

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Obviously something is going on, but I don't think anyone yet knows fully what it is.

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