Saturday, April 2, 2016

Satanic Parties In Paris ???

Here is a report about goings-on in the City of Light:

Inside an abandoned seven-floor, 70-room house near the Arc de Triomphe, more than 650 revelers in floor-length gowns, curly white wigs and feathered masks gathered on a Friday night in January.

A nearly nude woman with a giant bouffant and flower-adorned underwear performed a sultry dance with pink wings, while a contortionist spouted French obscenities. At the bottom of a sweeping grand staircase, a four-piece band performed while couples waltzed.

For five years, a renegade group known as We Are the Oracle has been hosting such semi-secret parties in elusive sites throughout Paris, including the catacombs, empty railway tracks and abandoned chateaus. And not always legally.

What began as a word-of-mouth soirĂ©e among the city’s elite influencers has evolved into seasonal theme parties that combine the mystique of “Eyes Wide Shut” with the energy of all-night raves and the theatrics of “Sleep No More.”

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This sounds to me like the sort of decadence one associates with the forces of darkness, not with a "City of Light".

Perhaps this is consistent with the true meaning of Bartholdi's statue "Liberty Enlightening The World", which is actually the "Mother of Harlots". For a comprehensive discussion of why I believe this to be true, refer to the following five blog posts:

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