Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hillary Tied To Flint Water Crisis ???

Poor little Hillary just can't seem to catch a break:

Adding to a mounting list of scandals under the family’s belt, the Clintons have now been tied to the Flint water crisis. As the Daily Caller reports, a top executive of the same agency facing multiple lawsuits for its role in poisoning the children of Flint also has ties to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and provides free PR for the Clinton Global Initiative.

Pete Wentz, Ron Brynaert explains in the Daily Caller, is the executive director of APCO Worldwide’s Chicago branch and also serves as spokesperson for Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam Inc. (LAN) — the engineering firm named in several lawsuits “alleging gross negligence, professional negligence and battery for alleged lead poisoning of 50 children in Flint over the last two years.”

Additionally, APCO Worldwide has contributed as much as $50,000 to and worked closely with the Clinton Foundation — itself the subject of criticism for alleged ties to Hillary’s campaign.

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The real problem here is this - one cannot have a "global initiative" without being tied to some evil people. If the Clintons dressed in sack cloth and donated all their money to the poor, I would call them compassionate. But they don't. They suck up to rich people, and I don't believe they do it for the benefit of the poor.

Their idea of "helping the poor" is a sadistic version of Ronald Reagan's trickle down economics. You can read a detailed analysis of it here:

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