Saturday, April 16, 2016

Israel Covets Temple Mount

Here is the real reason for all the turmoil in the so-called Middle East:

A prominent member of the Knesset on Saturday strongly criticized a resolution passed by UNESCO’s Executive Board the previous day, saying if the motion was not overturned it would "lead to the deaths of innocent people".  

Yesh Atid chairmen MK Yair Lapid called on UNESCO's Director-General Irina Bokova to cancel a resolution passed by the international body Friday which fails to acknowledge the historical Jewish ties to the holy sites of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall 

"This decision is a shameful attempt to rewrite history, rewrite reality as part of the ongoing political campaign against Israel and the Jewish people," Lapid stated in the letter.

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There is no "ongoing political campaign against Israel and the Jewish people". There is, however, a decades long struggle to get Israel to obey international law.

Yes, more blood will be shed over the Temple Mount. The real question is whose fault is that, or is it G-d's will?

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