Thursday, April 14, 2016

UK Has A Kill List Too

What hath Obama ad-Dajjal wrought?

Here is further evidence the world is descending into darkness:

An extraordinary story has just emerged from the human rights charity who, as they say “help people who suffer extreme human rights abuses at the hands of the world’s most powerful governments”.

Their recently published report entitled Britain’s Kill List accuses the Conservative government of extreme deception of parliament and therefore all citizens of Britain and the world more widely. Officially, Britain has never had a so-called ‘kill list’ but David Cameron had to admit to a limited extra judicial assassinations programme a few months ago, which we reported. There was little establishment media coverage and even less public response. But no-one thought this programme was as extensive and broad as has just been unearthed.

You can read the rest @

And a link to the kill list report can be found here:

Why do such "kill lists" exist? I believe there are two chief reasons:

1. The US/UK legislatures are reluctant to declare war (Congress has not done so since 12-8-1941); and

2. The bogus "evidence" used to put people on these kill lists would not pass a valid "due process" test in either country.

That makes the people who run these assassination programs murderers. They ought to be prosecuted, tried, and punished on that basis.

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