Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Deep History And The Global Drug Connection - Part 3

Yes, your government is a criminal enterprise. You can read about it here:

More musings from Peter Dale Scott, the “father of Deep State analysis.” It’s heady and sometimes difficult material, but no one has gone as deeply as he has in trying to understand the nature of power in America, and ties between the state, the Underworld, and the criminal elements of the wealthy, or the Overworld.

In Part 3, we learn of the covert — but benign-sounding — government Office of Policy Coordination (OPC), which formally institutionalized off-the-books financing of criminal activities. Its purpose was to engage in “subversion against hostile states.” But it went further than that. Much further.

You can read the rest @

Where exactly in the US Constitution does it authorize criminal activities by a government sanctioned group such as the CIA?

Now do you understand why Hillary lusts to be in charge of this outfit?

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