Thursday, April 14, 2016

No Dollars For New Yuan

Are we on the edge of a financial cliff?

In a shocking move likely to crush the US economy overnight, China is refusing to make its new gold-backed Yuan, convertible from or to US Dollars. The new Yuan will be introduced next Tuesday, April 19.

When the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed to add the Yuan to the basket of world currencies used for Global Reserves and International Trade, they wanted China to make the Yuan more reliable as a currency. Since then, China has almost un-pegged its Yuan from the Dollar, allowing its value to fluctuate on world markets.

But for years, China has been amassing huge amounts of gold bullion; some have said their appetite for bullion has been “staggering.” And with a new gold-backed Yuan to be issued next Tuesday, the entire world will have a choice of a new currency to use for international trade: The old US Dollar which is backed by nothing, or the new Chinese Yuan, which is backed by gold. Which currency would YOU use?

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You may recall that such a thing was predicted by Kelly Mitchell in his book Gold Wars:

There is a mechanism being put into place to destroy the US dollar in the next few years. It has many components, but the primary ones are an alternative oil sales system, a gold-backed trade platform, an international central bank outside of Western control, a framework for diminishing US influence, available natural resources, and a coalition of regional leader nations. Participants have reportedly agreed to prices of $7,500 minimum for gold and $150 for silver [per troy ounce].

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China's issuance of this gold-backed yuan may explain all the secretive meetings which have been taking place. You can read about them here:

Perhaps coincidentally (and I do NOT believe in coincidence), reproductions of the arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria are going up in New York and London on the very day the new yuan will be issued (April 19). You can read about it here:

In the ancient world, as in ours, the high priests and priestesses would always make a sacrifice to their gods when embarking on a new endeavor. Will this particular sacrifice be made to placate those gods as the US embarks on a war with China?

And who or what will be sacrificed? The only thing of value left in the USA is the souls of We The People, so it is likely that we are about to be sacrificed upon this pagan altar for reasons we shall never fully understand.

G-d help us.

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