Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Headlines The Day After Hillary Is Inaugurated

In the spirit of The Boston Globe's fake Trump front page, here are some potential headlines about President Hillary:

President Hillary: ‘Guess what? I’m Dick Cheney on badder steroids’;

President Hillary assures nation she’ll find a new war ‘right away, better than Libya’;

Hillary: ‘I love the smell of Benghazi in the morning’;

President Rodham Clinton admits she and Bill had long death list - states, ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?’

President Clinton takes off the gloves: ‘the cocaine flowed like water at the Mena airport, so what?’

Hillary installs Huma as First Lady;

Hillary turns Dept. of Agriculture over to Monsanto - ‘it’s simpler’;

Hillary: ‘Why are Globalist trade treaties a problem? Turns out I’m really good at putting Americans out of work’;

Hillary admits she knew Bill was abusing women for decades; ‘it didn’t seem to bother him’;

Hillary shocker: ‘Bill gave US weapons tech to China for campaign donations, and you’re worried anyone in the world could read my emails?’

Hillary’s solution to feeling the little people’s pain: half an aspirin;

President Rodham Clinton private phone call: ‘They think they know what a monster is? Guess what? Wait’ll they get a load of me. Women? Who gives a XXXX about women?’

President Clinton admits she’s a witch, says that’s what America needs right now;

President Clinton ponders a ceiling on immigration at 180 million; says suffering and pain for ordinary Americans will improve their resiliency;

Hillary says if women want to use her as a symbol, it’s fine with her, there’s a sucker born every minute.

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There is a grain of truth in all of these.

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