Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Matrix Is Real

Here is some wonderful (?) news from the world of AI:

A pair of super-rich American technology gurus are planning to undergo surgery to install experimental implants directly into their brains.

The two men are currently trying to find a doctor willing to perform this untested and highly risky procedure, The Mirror has learned.

If they survive the operation, the men hope to be able to directly communicate with the primitive forms of artificial intelligence currently being developed in labs across the world.

But critics and conspiracy theorists fear these pioneering implants are the first step towards creating a society where every human is plugged into "the matrix".

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I doubt we ever will all be plugged in. I see this as something the rich will do to turn themselves into demigods, at which point they will conspire to kill the rest of us.

If you disagree, please show me your proof.

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