Saturday, April 2, 2016

Does It Matter If Huma Is "Terrified" ???

Is this something which matters to you?

Huma Abedin hasn’t freshly read any of her email exchanges with Hillary Clinton that have been released by the State Department, but the longtime Clinton aide said it is "terrifying" to know that the messages are out there.

“It’s something I can’t really think about, but I can’t even imagine what’s in those emails. But I’m sure I would probably be mortified. I have no idea. I haven’t read any of them,” Abedin, who served as one of Clinton's top aides at State, said in an interview with the podcast "Call Your Girlfriend."

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Dear Huma - If you had read the rules and actually tried to follow them, you would have nothing to be "terrified" about. Anything you and Hillary wrote while conducting the business of We The People is OUR property, not yours. And any personal communications you had with Hillary as her "body servant" should not have been conducted using the people's property in the first place.

Please grow up and start taking responsibility for what you and your boss did.

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