Monday, April 4, 2016

Did Obama Just Screw Texas With Radioactive Waste ???

As you may have heard, the recently concluded Nuclear Security Summit 2016 resulted in a waste swap agreement between the US and the UK:

THE UK government is set to announce a deal with the US where UK nuclear waste is shipped to the US in exchange for a form of waste uranium used in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The deal is expected to see approximately 700 kg of enriched uranium removed from the Dounreay storage facility in northern Scotland – due to be closed by 2030, enabling the wider area to undergo decontamination – and transported by means undisclosed to the US. This will be the largest international transfer of highly enriched uranium (HEU) in history.

In return, the UK and the EU are expected to gain an undisclosed amount of a different type of used HEU which can be processed into medical isotopes for diagnosing and treating cancers via radiotherapy for thyroid cancer. The medical-use HEU will be transferred to the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) in France, and will be exported back to the UK and other EU hospitals after processing.

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Currently, the majority of the nation's low level radioactive waste (LLW) is stored at two facilities - one in Barnwell, SC and one in West Texas. The SC site has used up 90% of its storage capacity, while the newer TX site not only has greater remaining capacity but also is seeking a license amendment to allow the storage of high-level waste (HLW); e.g., spent reactor fuel.

So, whatever the ultimate disposition of the HEU being sent to us by the UK and the plutonium being sent to us from Japan (see, it is highly likely that most if not all of the LLW and HLW generated from its processing will wind up in Texas.

By the way, isn't that part of the country in the zone being overrun by illegals and terrorists entering nearly unhindered into the US? How stupid is that?

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