Monday, April 4, 2016

Deep History And The Global Drug Connection - Part 1

Here is a wonderful essay by Professor Peter Dale Scott. It's fairly lengthy, but I suggest you read it in full:

The essay below is by the father of “Deep Politics” analysis, Peter Dale Scott. It reminds us that, too often, it is not the wild-sounding that is the fiction — but the constant assurances that everything is a-ok, that our society operates on fundamental decency, and that we need to stay focused on the small things and leave the big problems to others.

Below, Scott describes that phenomenon as “a great conspiracy/of organized denial.”

Seeking to reverse this organized denial, Scott, in the book introduction that follows, posits — based on his decades of research — powerful connections between militarism, vast illegal drug operations, and America’s intelligence agencies. Sound far-fetched? So does much of history itself.


There are social and political consequences of failing to acknowledge and deal with forces of violence at work in America and the ways in which they frequently collaborate with police and intelligence agencies that are mandated to protect the American public. The fact that we suppress such discordant details of violence probably contributes to our individual mental health. But this suppression leads to a collective politics that is increasingly unreal and ineffective, as major abuses cease altogether to be addressed.

You can read the rest @

The "global drug connection" aspect of this report is quite important. Keep in mind that drugs were being brought into the US through a CIA facility in Mena, Arkansas while Bill Clinton was governor of the state. There also have been credible allegations that he was assisting in the laundering of drug money through the Arkansas Development Finance Authority.

If Hillary becomes President and gains control of the Afghanistan-Pakistan opium growing/heroin production complex, what do you suppose will happen to our nation?

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