Friday, November 23, 2018

We Have No "Defense Department"

The following suggests We the People have no "Defense Department".

According to the latest MSM gibberish, our armed forces cannot be used as a "posse comitatus". Exactly what does that term mean?

The posse comitatus, in common law, is all able-bodied males over the age of 15 within a specific county, when mobilized in whole or in part by the conservator of peace – usually the sheriff – to suppress lawlessness or defend the county [emphasis added].

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And as you may know, we also no longer have a militia since it has been under continual attack by the FBI and other private and government organizations at least since the start of Operation PATCON.

By this rationale our organized and irregular military forces CANNOT be used to defend our country from an unarmed invasion, and on 9/11/2001 it was proven they are incapable of defending us from an actual attack of any sort.

What we do have instead is a GLOBAL STRIKE FORCE (i.e., a WAR Department) which is used to enforce the greedy desires of our fascist ruling class at a cost of at least one trillion dollars per year. It functions as a private army which is funded at public expense.

That has NOTHING to do with "defense".

I recommend we do one of two things (or both):
  1. Scale back to an ACTUAL defense force; and/or
  2. Let our fascist ruling class pay for this global strike force with their own money.

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  1. And does it not appear that "our" military is engaging in mutiny against the President?