Friday, November 23, 2018

War, Policing, Or Murder ???

Consider this report in today's Jerusalem Post:

Israel is again at a crossroads in the area of law and war. It has not figured out militarily or diplomatically how to stop or solve Hamas’s latest low-grade escalation tactics dating back to March.

With no satisfactory solution, Education Minister Naftali Bennett recently reignited the debate over the involvement of lawyers in giving IDF soldiers legal advice before targeting decisions are made and the possible prosecution of some IDF soldiers after those decisions.

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Now let's turn the clock back 75 years, to WWII Europe:

I surmise that the lawyers of Nazi Germany would have advised Hans H. to say he was "just following legal orders". Obviously that was wrong then, and it's still wrong now.

In light of that conclusion, what do you think Israeli lawyers should tell the IDF?

[Hint: If you want peace, then MAKE peace.]

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