Monday, November 12, 2018

The Blue Wave Of Repression

Here is a GREAT essay by Justin Raimondo of

With very few exceptions, the Democrats are the party of Russophobia, domestic political repression, and war. Their leadership is committed to a conspiracy theory that posits the President of the United States as a foreign agent and is actively seeking to overthrow him with the illegal support of our various intelligence agencies.

With a political agenda like this, militarism is the only possibility. And we’re not just talking about Teddy Roosevelt-style all-purpose braying belligerence: what’s at stake is a life-and-death struggle with a nuclear power. Such a conflict could destroy all life on earth with the push of a single button.

On the civil liberties front, the congressional Democratic majority can be expected to launch a campaign of political repression against its perceived opponents: that means anyone who opposes their crazed cold war agenda of Russia-baiting, rearmament, and NATO expansion. The Democrats have been protecting the illegal activities of the “intelligence community” in their brazen bid to oust Trump, and we can expect the further unleashing of the Surveillance State with absolutely no congressional restraints or oversight. The idea is to link American activists with Russians, by hook or by crook. It’s the oldest scam in the demagogue’s bag of tricks: smear your opponents as foreign spies. It worked last time around: or did it? Will a rerun of the McCarthy-Army hearings really be to the Democrats’ advantage – or will it make them look like the authoritarian cretins they are?

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I believe he is 100% right. The left is NOT interested in "justice" as much as in power and privilege for themselves and their clients. In spite of all their "antifa" rhetoric, they have become the party of repression.

This is the true meaning of "fake news" - up is down, right is wrong, and blue is red. Stand by for a living hell to be unleashed upon us by these morons.

And by the way, the last President who went against the "intelligence community" was JFK ... and they murdered him. Note well this took place under a Democrat administration.

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  1. Here is an example of their sick agenda:

    We do not need a "politics of hit lists". We need a government which will do something good for We the People.