Tuesday, August 7, 2018

First They Came For Alex Jones ...

Here is a warning from Michael Snyder:

August 6th was one of darkest days in the history of the Internet. When I learned that Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Pinterest and others had colluded to take down content from Alex Jones all on the same day, I knew exactly what was happening. They timed their attack so that it would hit the press at the beginning of the weekly news cycle on Monday so that their purge would have maximum societal impact. And the fact that there was such overt collusion was obviously meant to send a message. We were supposed to understand that if they can do this to Alex Jones, they can do it to any of us, and so we better shut up and fall in line. I can’t even begin to tell you how sick I feel right now. The big tech giants have made it abundantly clear how they feel about all of us, and there is no future for alternative points of view on any of their platforms.

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This is how tyranny starts, people. We are witnessing the end of the USA as a constitutional republic.

Caitlin Johnstone also has written on this subject, and I think you should read what she had to say:


By the way, I have listened to Scott Horton in the past, and he is one of the most intelligent, non-conspiratorial observers out there. If Twitter suspended him, you can be certain they have become just another agency of the US corporate state.

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