Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Price Of Lawlessness

The sad tale of Mollie Tibbetts is finally coming to an end:

In part, her tragic death is the result of lawlessness in many forms:
  • failure to control our borders;
  • failure to police our cities and towns;
  • failure to stop the flow of illegal drugs;
  • failure to get violence off our TVs and the Internet and out of our minds; and
  • many others.

One would think that rural Iowa would be a decent, peaceful place to live. Clearly there is no such place in the US anymore. I suggest you read Nick Reding's book Methland to discover why.


  1. China, however, appears to be on the right track:

    Isn't it remarkable that our two main "enemies" (Russia and China) are countries which reject the depravity the US is peddling around the globe? It makes you wonder just who the "axis of evil" really is.

  2. Mollie's family objects to how Trump has "politicized" her murder:

    If it's not too much to ask, can they please explain how THEY would prevent future tragedies such as her death?