Saturday, August 25, 2018

The 10 Primary Directives Of MSM

Here is a thoughtful essay by Sigmund Fraud:

Corporate media has become a weapon of war, and they follow a certain missive. Consider the following directives that drive nearly everything you see in mainstream news:

1. Be Afraid, Not Empowered

2. Omit and Forget

3. Self-Destruction is Cool, Self-Awareness is a Crime

4. You are a Victim, The State is Your Savior

5. Overreact, Don’t Overthink

6. Enrage Don’t Engage

7.  Indulge, Don’t Conserve

8. Stoke Conflict, Ridicule Peace

9. Permanent War is Normal and Expected

10.  Panic, Don’t Prepare

You can read the rest @

I agree with the author. The MSM is creating chaos for the benefit of their masters (a.k.a. the 0.01%). In no sense are they a "free press" or otherwise helpful to We the People.

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