Monday, August 13, 2018

No Basis For Unity

The cable TV anchors had issued the usual calls for “national unity,” exhorting President Trump to emerge from his Bedminster, New Jersey, golfing bunker and “bring the country together,” a sadly fatuous proposition. There is nothing to come together within. There’s nothing left of an American common culture besides a few Disney movies and that’s not nearly enough. That’s what happens when you opt for multiculturalism as your number one political principle. It automatically negates shared values, so why even expect any agreement between groups contending for dominance?

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In the meantime, we entertain ourselves with the antics of Unite-the-Right and Antifa, two acting troupes composed of young people who have no idea what they will do with their lives when the economic condition of the land reveals itself to be more desperate than they ever imagined. The truth is, they’ll be fighting ever more desperately, not over abstractions but over the table-scraps of history.

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Throw in identity politics, and you have a perfect recipe for disunity and disaster.

Now who do you suppose cooked that up?

(Hint: Their names might be Barry, Hillary, and Mark.)

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  1. And next economic crisis may already be upon us: