Sunday, August 19, 2018

Too Many Sanctions ???

Here is a cool assessment by Peter Koenig:

Sanctions left and sanctions right. Financial mostly, taxes, tariffs, visas, travel bans – confiscation of foreign assets, import and export prohibitions and limitations; and also punishing those who do not respect sanctions dished out by Trump, alias the US of A, against friends of their enemies. The absurdity seems endless and escalating – exponentially, as if there was a deadline to collapse the world. Looks like a last-ditch effort to bring down international trade in favor of — what? – Make America Great Again? – Prepare for US mid-term elections? – Rally the people behind an illusion? – Or what?


"This behavior by the dying empire is driving allies and friends into the opposite camp – to the east, where the future lays, away from a globalized One-World-Order, towards a healthy and more equal multi-polar world ..."

You can read the rest @

Now we know why the deep state let Trump win - he is helping them build the world they always wanted by destroying what is left of US hegemony.

Pretty clever of them, wouldn't you say?

Or should we blame it all on the Russians?

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