Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Senate Of Heartless Killers

Sen. Chris  Murphy’s (D-CT) amendment to withdraw all funding for the US involvement in the war in Yemen was blocked by Senate leadership on Wednesday, preventing it from getting a vote for inclusion in the 2019 Defense Appropriations Act.

There was language aiming to limit US involvement in Yemen in the 2019 NDAA, but President Trump’s signing statement indicated that he doesn’t intend to comply with that. This meant using control over the funding, through the appropriations act, was the next real chance to require compliance.

The Murphy Amendment said largely the same thing that the language in the NDAA said, except with the added threat of revoking funding. It seeks for the administration to certify that any US involvement complies with international law. President Trump objected to offering such a report to Congress.

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Please explain to me the imperative for ignoring international law and killing innocent children. I'd really like to hear it.

You're all upset about Catholic priests molesting your kids, but why do you and your Senators not care about KILLING children in Yemen?

There is something wrong with your brains.


  1. Here is more about the sad Yemeni saga:

  2. Now we're using al Qaeda to attack Yemen:

    It appears al Qaeda has ALWAYS been our ally. How, therefore, did the US government NOT know about the 9/11 "attacks" in advance?

    The entire 9/11 official narrative is BS.