Friday, August 31, 2018

BETO Mania

Some think BETO is the next Obama ad-Dajjal. You can read some of the hype here:

I don't like Ted Cruz either, but I'm not going to vote for another clown ... and as far as I can tell that's exactly what BETO is - a clown with a pretty face. I wonder if he'd even be in contention if Trump were not the president and the deep state had not allowed 30 million or so illegal migrants to enter the country.

Take note that his "business" career was as an Internet service provider. To me that puts him in the same category as Zuckerberg, Sandberg, Bezos, and their ilk. Don't expect a lot of "real" jobs if this guy gets elected. I see nothing in his background which suggests true business acumen.

The current political turmoil in the US suggests that BIG changes are on the way. People better start thinking about what that means and about who will decide what changes will be made. Sure, it's cool to have been in a rock band ... but do we want rockers and stoners running our country? I don't.

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