Saturday, July 7, 2018

Did Israelis Meddle In US Elections ???

Israeli private intelligence company Black Cube allegedly attempted to influence the Hungarian elections in April by recording NGO employees in Hungary and individuals related to Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros, Politico reported Saturday. 

The Jerusalem Post reported in March that Balázs Dénes, head of the Soros-funded NGO The Civil Liberties Union for Europe, openly spoke about attempting to get the German Foreign Ministry to pressure Hungary to change an existing law when he was unknowingly recorded in a January meeting in Amsterdam.

Now it appears that Black Cube workers used fake identities and dummy companies to introduce themselves to targets such as Dénes. They used Arab and European names, yet at least two spoke with a distinct Israeli accent, sources from the targeted NGOs claimed.

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I would think that Hungary is small potatoes in the overall scheme of things. If the Israelis are meddling there, isn't it even more likely they meddle in OUR elections?

How come the MSM isn't whining about that?

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