Sunday, June 4, 2017

Is Trial By Jury Just A Sick Joke ???

Keep this in mind the next time you're called for jury duty:

As constitutional rights are steadily eroded in the U.S. through the burgeoning police/surveillance state, one case in Michigan provides an example of just how dire the situation has gotten. Keith Woods, a resident of Mecosta County, was charged and recently convicted for the “crime” of standing on a public sidewalk and handing out fliers about juror rights.

Woods was exercising his First Amendment rights and raising awareness about something the courts deliberately fail to tell jurors when beginning a trial – jury nullification, or the right to vote one’s conscience. For this, Woods – a father of eight and former pastor – was charged with jury tampering, after an initial felony charge of obstructing justice was dropped following public outcry.

Even with the reduced charge, the case has very troubling implications for free speech rights. The county prosecutor, seemingly furious that a citizen would dare inform the public on jury nullification, said Woods’ pamphlet “is designed to benefit a criminal defendant.”

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If judges now control every aspect of what a jury can do, what's the point of even having a jury?

If, as many claim, there is no such right as "jury nullification", it needs to be added to the US Constitution. Without it, there really is no such thing as justice in the US.

By the way, CNN and other alleged "news outlets" engage in jury tampering on a daily basis. Why aren't they charged? Freedom of speech and press should apply equally to both individuals and organizations, with the balance of power shifted back to individuals.

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