Thursday, June 8, 2017

Is The Intercept An Organ Of The Deep State ???

Here is more fallout from the Reality Winner story:

With its outing of an anonymous NSA source, online publication The Intercept is finding itself in hot water. The publication was also involved in the prosecution of CIA-whistleblower John Kiriakou.

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Omidyar’s connections to the U.S. political establishment are numerous and concerning. One of his foundation’s microcredit projects to “help” farmers in India led to an epidemic of farmer suicides that gained international headlines, as farmers became unable to pay the foundation back. His network has also funded regime change operations with USAID, most recently in Ukraine. In addition, Omidyar was well-connected to the Obama White House, which stood to lose the most from the mass publication of the Snowden cache. One of Omidyar’s main companies, PayPal, is said to be implicated in some of the NSA documents that have still been withheld.

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What intrigues me the most is that the vast majority of the Snowden documents have never been published. Unlike Wikileaks, which claims to trust the public to be able to handle ALL leaked materials, The Intercept appears to pick and choose what to publish, just like any other deep state controlled/influenced "news" outlet. What's up with that?

In my view, no one who is a billionaire can remain separate from the deep state for very long. And no one in that category should EVER be trusted by We The People.

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