Monday, June 12, 2017

Darkness In Gaza

The people in Gaza just cannot catch a break:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ effort to cut electricity to the Gaza Strip as a means of “pressuring” Hamas to hand over control of the region to him is finally getting support from Israel’s security cabinet, which today signed off on a plan to cut exports to the Gaza Strip by 40%, meaning about 45 minutes less of electricity per day in a strip that already is in a state of blackout more than three-quarters of the time.

Abbas had originally sought a 100% cut in Gaza’s electricity, but Israel refused, citing humanitarian concerns. Even with this smaller cut, Israeli military advisers are warning a mounting humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip will likely escalate the level of violence along the Israeli border.

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This reminds me of what the state of Texas is doing to its prisoners:

Neither of these situations really has anything to do with "climate denial". Both are the result of uncaring, oppressive authorities who lack basic human compassion for their neighbors.

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