Monday, June 12, 2017

Another Dumb Statement About 9/11

Here it is:

Of course, the CIA and the George W. Bush White House have also been alleged to have been involved [in 9/11]. Anyone who scours the present article and its sources will find plenty of evidence implicating them; but the U.S. regime cannot go to war against itself; and, so, only the foreign government that actually financed and organized the 9/11 attacks, will be the focus here.

You can read the rest @

The US regime did not "go to war against itself". It went to war against We The People and for Greater Israel.

And even if the Saudis did finance and organize the attacks, they could not have succeeded (not just with the attacks, but with the cover-up and with selling this nonsense to the American people) without the support of the US government.

Dear Mr. Zuesse - please stop writing this kind of crap. It's both counterproductive and VERY annoying.

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