Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Biggest Climate Change Villain ???

The climate change crusade is entering the "blame" phase. You can read some of the arguments here:

There will soon be some HUGE lawsuits, and the system is tampering with the potential jury pool by publishing this kind of crap in advance.

I don't buy that the oil companies are at fault, just as I don't buy that asbestos companies should have been driven into bankruptcy because of what their product did.

In a former life I worked for an environmental agency. Every day I "approved" more pollution by issuing air permits. In a sense, my agency was a co-conspirator with the oil and gas companies in the destruction of our atmosphere and the altering of our climate. But everything they and we did (at least the parts I knew about) was LEGAL. So why should the companies now be labelled as arch criminals?

The only logical answer to that question is - because they have money, and the sharks can smell the blood in the water.

And by the way, the money which will soon be fleeced from them will do little or nothing to alter the trajectory of climate change; but it will make some lawyers filthy rich.

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