Sunday, December 4, 2016

The NGO-Assisted Invasion Of Europe

According to this report, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are facilitating the immigrant invasion of Europe:

For two months, using, we have been monitoring the movements of ships owned by a couple of NGOs, and, using data from We have kept track of the daily arrivals of African immigrants in Italy. It turned out we were witness of a big scam and an illegal human traffic operation.

NGOs, smugglers, the mafia in cahoots with the European Union have shipped thousands of illegals into Europe under the pretext of rescuing people, assisted by the Italian coast guard which coordinated their activities.

Human traffickers  contact the Italian coast guard in advance to receive support and to pick up their dubious cargo. NGO ships are directed to the “rescue spot” even as those to be rescued are still in Libya. The 15 ships that we observed are owned or leased by NGOs have regularly been seen to leave their Italian ports, head south, stop short of reaching the Libyan coast, pick up their human cargo, and take course back 260 miles to Italy even though the  port of Zarzis in Tunis is just 60 mile away from the rescue spot.

The organizations in question are: MOAS, Jugend Rettet, Stichting Bootvluchting, Médecins Sans Frontières, Save the Children, Proactiva Open Arms,, Sea-Eye and Life Boat.

The real intention of the people behind the NGOs is not clear. Their motive can be money, we would not be surprised if it turned out to be so. They may also be politically driven; the activities of the Malta-based organisation, MOAS, by trafficking people to Italy is the best guarantee that migrants will not show up on the Maltese shore. MOAS is managed by an Maltese Marine officer well known in Malta for his maltreatment of refugees. It is also possible that these organisations are managed by naive “do-gooders” who do not understand that offering their services they are acting like a magnet to the people from Africa and thus they are willy-nilly causing more fatalities, not to mention that their actions are destabilizing Europe.

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Something similar is happening in the US - both the government and NGOs are facilitating the entry of immigrants, bypassing the normal, legal channels for allowing them in.

This reminds me of the so-called "Underground Railroad" which operated during the era of US slavery. And one has to ask whether that movement was motivated by charity and compassion, or whether it had some other political and financial motivations. The fact that former slaves still have not been granted equal status in the US may be the best indication of what really happened.

By the way, when the vast majority of humans are unemployed and unemployable, we also will become the tools of NGOs and others (e.g., bankgangsters and corporate CEOs) who want to destroy the remaining nation states. Becoming their implements of chaos will be our next-to-last purpose.

Our FINAL purpose will be to become food stocks for those extraterrestrial aliens the rich are trying so hard to find. I wonder how much we are worth in the galactic marketplace?

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