Monday, October 3, 2016

Putin Blows His Top

Here's the latest from the German Economic News:

Russia demands US withdrawal from Eastern Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin changed the tone towards the US: Apparently unnerved over the last very aggressive rhetoric of the US government and the now openly directed against Russia US policy in Syria and the constantly new escalation in the sanctions put Putin on Monday the Russian State Duma a law before, in the requested Russia for further commitments on disarmament in return. The decree provides, so the TASS, finds that the situation is entirely different today than it was several years ago. Many countries in Eastern Europe have joined NATO, NATO has expanded its infrastructure. US troops have a substantial presence in the new NATO countries.

Russia is therefore again only willing to continue talking about nuclear disarmament if the US "make reasons reversed, which have led to a changed situation" the. Only when the US forces withdraw from the new NATO countries and the situation then again as the date of signing - 1 September 2000 - stand, Russia is ready to negotiate again. Otherwise, Russia will no longer adhere to the agreement with the US to eliminate weapons-grade plutonium, according to the decree, which was submitted to the Russian parliament.

You can read the rest @ [translation required]

The facts behind my last blog post [] strongly suggest that the US is NOT going to withdraw from Eastern Europe. I would say that war with Russia is almost inevitable now.

And it's very likely to be a NUCLEAR war.

Dear US voters - I think you should stop obsessing over Trump's insults and Hillary's health. There are FAR more important things happening which will directly affect your health and welfare. By the time the election is over, it may be impossible to reverse the course we are on.

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