Monday, October 31, 2016

China Building Stealth Fighters

Just in time for World War III ???

China’s J-20 twin-engine stealth fighter will make its first public appearance when it is featured at the 11th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition at the Zhuhai Airshow Center in Guangdong province on Tuesday.

The Chengdu J-20, likely to be the main showcase of the air show, is a fifth-generation fighter jet which uses stealth technology to mask its appearance from radar systems. While the US is the only country with fifth-generation fighter craft in use – the F-22 Raptor, China, India, Japan, Russia and Turkey are producing their own.

Fifth-generation technologies include stealth, advanced avionics and radar systems, and superior computing.

The 20-meter jet, with a 13-meter wingspan, has a top speed of 2,100 kilometers an hour.

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These guys can reverse engineer nearly anything. And according to a quality control expert I once met, the quality of their jet engines is top notch.

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