Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Vietnamese Become The Very Best Indians

Forty-one years after defeating the US, the Vietnamese finally have succumbed to the American way of life:

Ever insinuating itself into long-standing maritime boundary disputes around the South China Sea, the Obama Administration had long centered their “Asia pivot,” and the need to “confront” China militarily, on the Philippines. Recent Philippines official comments suggest they aren’t welcoming that role.

But maybe Vietnam is about to supplant the Philippines as the regional excuse for US involvement, with Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Nguyen Chi Vinh today publicly endorsing US “intervention” in the region as a way to add to regional peace and stability.

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They have become what I call "the very best Indians":

Upon meeting General Philip Sheridan in 1869, Comanche Chief Tosawi reputedly told him, “Me, Tosawi; me good Injun,” to which Sheridan supposedly replied, “The only good Indians I ever saw were dead”. History remembers this incident with the infamous phrase “the only good Indian is a dead Indian”.

When something is “good”, it is often accompanied by other things that are “better” and “best”. To America the only good Indian may have been a dead Indian, but a better Indian was one who helped America kill other Indians. And the best Indian of all was one who forgave America for killing his children, raping his wife, stealing his possessions, exterminating his people, and eradicating his way of life.

As it was then, so it is now. Everywhere the “spirit of America” traveled, we sought better Indians to help us kill the other Indians. That was the strategy of our forefathers during the French and Indian Wars and subsequent westward expansion, when they would arm one Indian tribe and turn them loose to attack another. That was our strategy in Iraq, where General Petraeus armed the warring Sunni and Shia militias to help them kill each other. That was our strategy in Afghanistan, where our “better Indian” allies helped us murder their countrymen. That was also our strategy in Syria, where we armed so-called insurgents and encouraged them to attack the troops of the legitimate government. America loved this strategy because it always worked. We usually could find pent-up hatreds to exploit, and when we could not it was quite easy to create them. The strategy was an essential part of what we called “regime change” and “responsibility to protect”.

But finding the very best Indians has always been much more difficult. It’s a rare person who could ever forgive America for the things we did to them and who could then willingly adopt our way of life (which for them often became a way of death). We hunted and even sterilized American Indians almost to the point of extinction, but many of the survivors have maintained their existence, their heritage, and their tribal identities. We squandered the lives of our children and much of our national treasure trying to win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people, but they eventually achieved the independence of their country and maintained their cultural and national identity. Most people eventually did push back, and when they did they became very hard to defeat.

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The Vietnamese once fought to the death to restore their sovereignty and protect their way of life. But now they have become just more sad victims of the US crusade to convert the entire world into Satan's Kingdom.

Welcome to the ranks of the very best Indians. You had won ... why did you finally give in? Please don't tell me it was sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

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