Saturday, October 29, 2016

Demand Higher Minimum Wage, And Lose Your Job

Here is some bad news on the jobs front:

While proponents of these measures hope they will improve the welfare of low-wage workers, American Action Forum (AAF) research has consistently shown that proposals to raise the minimum wage often hurt those they intend to help by increasing joblessness among low-skilled workers and failing to deliver income gains to those who actually need assistance. So, what would happen in these states [AZ, CO, ME, and WA] if each measure were approved? These minimum wage increases would come at a total cost of 290,000 jobs.

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In addition, they probably would hasten the move to replace human workers with robots, which would cause even MORE jobs to be lost.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why President Evo Morales of Bolivia once made the following claim:

"The greatest objective of mankind in this century should be to eradicate imperialism and capitalism as models for society."

You don't want to believe him? Fine; suffer the consequences.

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