Thursday, October 27, 2016

Who "Owns" Jerusalem ???

While the UNESCO resolution which recognized the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem as a “Muslim holy site of worship” was barely reported around the world, and considered fairly non-controversial, Israeli officials have been expressing fury over the matter for two solid weeks.

And the Muslims may have a huge, ancient mosque that has been a key part of Islam for 1,300 years, but Israel has a small strip of papyrus they found in a cave, which they’re pretty sure is a far more conclusive document, since it mentioned the word Jerusalem and was written in Hebrew.

Israeli officials have claimed that the UNESCO resolution, in recognizing the mosque as important to Islam, was tantamount to denying Israel’s absolute and eternal control over the entire city of Jerusalem. Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev said the papyrus strip proved Jerusalem “was and will remain the eternal capital of the Jewish people.”

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If Israel "owns" Jerusalem, then native Americans "own" North America. And with a far more believable provenance.

Jerusalem belongs to G-d. And since all life on this earth was created by G-d, all life has an equal claim to the city. Except for those whom G-d decides to exclude.

Does the nation of Israel have the sole right to speak for G-d? I'm certain their papyrus doesn't say that.

Some day soon the Israelis will tear down those mosques and attempt to rebuild their temple. On that day we shall learn who "owns" Jerusalem.

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