Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pastor Fined For Helping The Poor

Is compassion now illegal in the US?

Proving once again that the state has no interest in helping people, the state of Delaware is attacking a pastor who would dare attempt to help the homeless. Pastor Aaron Appling of Victory Church West in Dover is being threatened with a $100 per day fine by county officials for allowing a 21-year-old homeless woman to live in an RV in the back of the church property.

Because Appling didn’t go through the right channels of extortion and get his own property approved by the government to do with it what he wishes, officials are promising to extort him.

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Yes, he's breaking the law; but compared to the Clinton Foundation (which has been called "the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in world history"), he is a saint. Why can't people in the US recognize that?

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