Friday, October 14, 2016

US Planning False Flag Attacks In Syria ???

Check this out:

Last week, a Canadian journalist published pictures of the US Air Force repainting their F/A-18 jets to match the paint scheme of Russian jets currently deployed in Syria. Though the journalist, Christian Borys, suggested that the unusual paint job was due to standard military “aggressor squadrons” war-games meant to simulate engaging “the enemy,” some have speculated it could be proof of an imminent false flag meant to justify US “boots on the ground” in Syria. Regardless of whether it is standard procedure or indicative of an impending false flag, either threatens to worsen what is already an increasingly desperate geopolitical situation that could easily develop into full-scale, global war.

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While we argue about whether Trump or Bill Clinton is the greater sexual predator (hint: Bill easily wins that contest), Obama ad-Dajjal and his military morons keep goading the Russian bear. Can anyone explain to me how this helps We The People?

We in the US no longer have a government or a free press which represent our interests. I suspect that many of us no longer want such things. As long as we have our bread and circuses, most of us are happy.

How many of you think you could survive a Russian attack? I'm guessing not too many have even thought about that possibility.

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