Friday, October 21, 2016

Will Assange Suffer Fate Of Bin Laden ???

Apparently someone has sent heavily armed police to the embassy where Julian Assange is holed up:

Is the US pressuring someone to get Assange to "shut up"? It would not surprise me. Consider our past actions:

  • Drove Noriega from the Holy See's embassy in Panama;
  • Shot an unarmed bin Laden in his sanctuary; and
  • Murdered Ghaddafi.

And don't forget David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, who were burned to death to "protect the children" (who also were burned to death). Or they all died from smoke inhalation. Same difference - they all were killed by the US.

Bobby Kennedy was killed so that Nixon could win a second term. Will Assange also be killed so that Hillary can win this election? I would not be surprised.

I hope all y'all are proud of yourselves. If not, please persuade your friends and neighbors that disputes actually CAN be resolved without resorting to violence.

By the way, is the current "denial of service" Internet outage being staged by the US government itself so that no one gets to read the latest Wikileaks-released emails?

That also would not surprise me.

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